“Dirty” Official Music Video

Welcome to the new and official “Dirty” music video! I hope you enjoy and please share with your friends if you do! – Sarah Dunn

Production by TCN Productions
Directed by Don Mills
“Dirty” writted by Sarah Dunn

“Dirty” is the first radio single off of Sarah Dunn Band’s newest EP Wild Wild Heart, available anywhere you buy music https://smarturl.it/sdbwild.

Song was written and performed by Sarah Dunn.

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I can’t wear white
It Never goes quite right
I try to keep it clean but I need some bleach
Every time I step outside
So I might give up
And climb up in this truck
Find me a big mud hole and let it roll
Right into four wheel drive

Never looked so good
Big mudflaps and shotgun racks
Deer antlers on the hood
Downright filthy
Gonna slip n slide
Jump on in and buckle in
It’s gonna be a rough ride

We’re getting dirty
Out in the sticks
Sexy rednecks and home grown hicks
Slingin’ up gravel feelin’ flirty
Everybody come along and get dirty

Camouflage and gear
Guitars and beer
It’s country do or die but it sounds so right
Flipping on those jeep floodlights
So call up all the boys
We’re gonna make some noise
Leave the white dresses at home
Blow up those phones
We’re gonna raise some hell tonight

You can’t hear your mama callin’
Over the hoopin’ and the hollering
So give it the gas, give it all you got
Spin those tires til the engines hot

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